Public Documents Have to Be Translated and Attested to Be Valid in a Foreign Country

Importance of Public Documents in Modern Governance

In the modern age, the prevailing state of governance of the country of one’s abode makes it necessary for every one to acquire documents that certify various attributes of the person that one is associated with in one’s lifetime, which are to be relied upon instead of the person’s word of mouth.

The Certificate of Birth issued by the Registrar of Birth and signed by one of their authorized signatories is the document to be relied on to find the age of the person. This is a statutory requirement to prove one’s age in every country. Similarly,Public Documents Have to Be Translated and Attested to Be Valid in a Foreign Country Articles a Marriage Certificate proves that a person is married to another.

The Practice of Dealing with Public Documents Issued by a Foreign Country

The procedure for verification mentioned above seems to work out fine as long as the document is produced within the country. Public documents like Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate or Educational Certificates need to be produced in countries other than the country of the issue too. These documents are not even valid legal documents as the law of the land does not recognize the Registrar of Birth and Death of a foreign country. Again, if the document was written in a language that is not known in the country where it has been produced, the authority is not even in a position to make out if the document is a Birth Certificate or just a piece of paper with something printed on it.

However, for both parties of a transaction to be able to carry out business in a wholesome manner, it is necessary that both the parties have trust in the documents produced from a foreign country and such documents need to be part of an acceptable legal practice so that they can be used to settle disputes if it arises. This is the reason why public documents have to be translated into the language acceptable to the country where it needs to be produced and then attested by competent authority stating that not only the original document is validated, but the translation too is correct.

Service Providers for Translation and Attestation of Public Documents

Translation and Attestation Services are available to cater to such situations. These service providers are registered with competent authorities to undertake the job of translating the document to be produced in a foreign country into the language of that country and getting the translation attested by the competent authority of the country of issue validating the authenticity of the original document by affixing an apostolic stamp on the document and the translation. If you want to present your certificate to a country like Qatar you will need to translate your document to Arabic. One can avail certificates translation services Qatar or Education certificates translation services Qatar to carry out the process.